Fully manual synchronization

Hi, my house has very low upload bandwidth (0.5Mbps) but each time when Joplin synchronize the notes it consume all my upload bandwidth for a long time (I don't know why there are so much data to upload even if I change nothing between sync, and my notebooks are just 3xMB including the attachments). Therefore I have to set synchronization interval to "Disabled".

Still, Joplin would still trigger synchronization automatically at program startup or when I make any change to the notes. These are the time I usually doing other internet intensive tasks like having video call, watching online lectures etc. and Joplin would make them lag.

So my primary question is, how can I fully disable automatic synchronization? If possible, can someone tell why Joplin has so much to upload in each synchronization? Can I limit the upload speed, pause or reschedule the sync? Thanks.

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If bandwidth is critical, why not all your home PCs to sync on a local (LAN) drive, on a PC or a NAS for example ?

Edit: You can set Joplin to sync every 12 hours for instance. And also simply close it; it'll "reschedule" the sync (until you re-open it).

One concern is I have to sync the notes on my mobile outside my home. Another concern is I don't know whether I'll lose my notes if Joplin couldn't connect to the LAN storage (e.g. samba, local nextcloud).

If re-open Joplin must trigger sync, that's mean I can't use it while I am making video conference. It is undesired.

As a workaround you could switch to the file system sync to a local disk or a NAS and sync that directory manually.

Finally I switch to file system sync to the dropbox folder. Then I use the speed limit in Dropbox client to prevent it from eating all the bandwidth.

Somehow there is also less data to upload by this way.

I have the same problem here.

I wish to manuallly sync only as I normally have my laptop connected via a hotspot using mobile data, so I set the sync interval to 'Disabled', but Joplin seems to completely ignore this setting.

Changing the synchronisation target temporarily to File system leaving the directory empty gets the trick done thanks to Joplin remembering the other target settings, but it's not very convenient having to change the target before and after performing a manual sync.