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Open Zotero program as link (zotero://select/...) inside Joplin

Hi there,
I've a question similar to the one a person had for Obsidian forum.obsidian.md/t/problem-opening-zotero-links/11613/11

So I say it in nearly his words:

I am also using Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) and I have a problem. Links to Zotero in format [1] (zotero: //select/items/1_QZBJXD8N) cannot be opened from Joplin (2.6.10). Nothing happens after clicking on it. From a text editor (LibreOffice writer) or a browser, or in terminal (xdg-open) the link works.

I was wondering if Joplin can open other program links at all, but I found out that [less(1)](man:///usr/share/man/man1/less.1.gz) works all right for me.

Could you help me what I need to configure?

PS: all steps from instruction I have done - install translator and chose it in settings