Open Source / privacy lovers: Joplin for UBports

Hi Joplin lovers,
I'm a very pleased user of Joplin. For one because I want to diminish my dependency on the big Tech and USA (patriot act) companies.

As such I'm extremely enthusiastic about the UBports initiative to build an open source operating system for smartphones! No more IOS, No more Android!
The drawback is that there are limited supported apps. Hence I though to promote the UBport platform and get your thumbs up to develop an Ubuntu Touch version of Joplin. (someone requested this before):
Check it out:

What do you think? Feasible and interesting enough?


It would be great if this happens as a native app for Ubports would be great

I think unless it was a community maintained fork I can't imagine it happening in the near future unless the frameworks are ported over. From some quick googling it appears there was a react-native-desktop-qt project but it has been discontinued and not sure if anything has taken over.

Otherwise it would mean maintaining a special release for it for which it would need resources that simply don't seem to exist currently. This would also be more difficult when people start asking for support for postmarketOS and all of its potential interfaces or SailfishOS.

I'm all for more variety in the mobile space though, it would be good if the various cross platform frameworks can support it.


Joplin is already a compromise between open source/proprietary app and simplicity/security/privacy.
I think an Android-based system like these would be a good compromise at the moment or with less improvements required for Joplin.