Open in external editor shortcut not working in 1.0.193

To report a bug, please let us know: ever since upgrading to 1.0.193, the Ctrl-E and Cmd-E shortcuts in Windows and Mac, respectively, no longer seem to work. In fact, in the Edit menu on macOS Joplin, “Edit in External Editor” is greyed out. However, I am able to right-click on the note in Joplin, choose “Edit in external editor,” and it properly opens the note in Notepad++ or Typora, depending on OS I’m using.

  • The version you are using: 1.0.193

  • The operating system you are using: Windows 10 and macOS

I can’t reproduce this. They are only greyed out when:

  • in preview-only mode
  • the note is a HTML note (created by the clipper (HTML) (Beta))

This behavior is intentionally and has been the same even before version 1.0.193.

Thank you for that idea about preview-only mode. When I change to editor layout mode, the keyboard shortcut does indeed work properly.

That said, I’m now nearly 100% sure that this just began happening because a) I almost always leave Joplin in preview-only mode due to the fact that I nearly always used an external editor, and b) I immediately noticed something was wrong when Ctrl-E no longer worked on my Windows computer after upgrading to 1.0.193, and then later, Cmd-E immediately ceased working on my home Mac computer.

How could I submit a request to revert that behavior so the external editor shortcut works regardless of what layout mode Joplin is in?

You can bring it up on the forum in the #features category. But I doubt that this will be reversed. It was never supposed to work and we fixed something after 1.0.179. I guess you didn’t check the pre-releases.

If you make a good case, maybe Laurent is ok with enabling open in external editor for preview-only mode.

Okay thank you for the idea—love this app and forum!