Open database with new client

Until now, I have used Joplin on two Windows computers. The folder with portable Joplin EXE is simply synchronized and it works without problems. Now I want to have the same database on my Android phone. I installed the Joplin app on the phone and I can copy a database on the phone. How can an Android Joplin app open the database? The database is rarely changed so there is no need to sync it every day.

To be honest, I tried with WebDAV also (maybe the best option), but it shows me an error after some minutes: "Last error: Error: Cannot acquire sync lock: either the lock could be written but not read back. Or it was expired before it was read again." Configuration checking was successful, but there was an empty Joplin with a new client.
Any idea?

You have to setup Syncronisation. It is not enough to copy the data to the phone in any way.
You can use FIlesync and a third party tool, Dropbox, WebDav or one of the other methods.
There are currently problems with OneDrive, therefore this should not be used at the moment.

Thank you.
I tried to configure synchronization with WebDAV (pCloud). While I was on the configuration screen and enter URL and credentials, I check with the button "Check synchronization configuration". It was successful.
After some minutes of synchronization, it finished, but I have only an empty Joplin.
Then I get the above reported error.

What is the recommended procedure now, when I have two synchronized folders?
I will try again, and I want two computers and a phone using the same database.

Check your logfiles and search in the Forum a litle bit.

It depends, you can search for synthetic. But with file sync I have no experience, I use WebDav for sync.

Now it works. I tried with an existing database, but it didn't work.
Then I export everything into JEX file, create a new folder on WebDAV, import JEX in the first computer, and then change the sync path on other devices.

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