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Open a note in Desktop app using commandline

I'm writing a script to integrate Joplin with GNOME Shell, so that when I search in the Shell overview, search results from Joplin appear.

Searching is possible using the Data API and this works already.

What doesn't work is opening a selected note in the Joplin UI. I was hoping there'd be a commandline option for this, similar to how GVim provides --remote. I haven't found one, having looked in the code and on the forum.

Would it be simple to add some kind of --note option that would take a note ID and open it in the UI?

Here's a WIP screenshot of what I'm making, if it helps understand the use case...

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No at the moment ther are no x-callback-url support.

PRs are welcome!

That's good to know, thanks!

Thinking further about the search provider use case, it's also useful to tell Joplin "Open a search for terms XYZ in the Desktop app GUI". Would a PR for a --search option also be welcome? :angel:

That would also be done via x-callback-url I guess.

Command line arguments are usually not supported and thus PRs that add arguments will most likely not be accepted.

I meant PRs are welcome for adding deep linking.

However, at one point Laurent mentioned, he'd be implementing this himself.
Also, I think there should be some specs first.

There still hasn't been a decision how these links should look like. For an example see here.

OK, thanks for clarifying. I've never worked with x-callback-url, but it should work fine for what I need. I'll keep an eye on the design work, then.

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