Onenote-style Math input? (Not LATEX)

I understand that a lot of people prefer Latex, but it’s way too slow for me to input math equations. How can I make math input work more like Onenote in Joplin? Is there perhaps some sort of auto-replace functionality that can turn a short keywords into latex? Or, is there a way to get a onenote-style gui for picking a symbol?



Right now I’m stuck with onenote only because it takes so long to input math in Joplin. Matrices are one example where inputing in Latex takes much longer than in onenote.

If there is some way to set up auto-replace, that would solve this problem. For example, instead of typing “\begin{pmatrix} \end{pmatrix}”, I could type “\m” and hit enter and then it would auto-replace with all that and put my cursor in the middle. Is this possible?

I would recommend using an external editor for this. I think vscode and sublime have good support for doing this, I personally use vim which also has good support.

There are plans to add plugin support to Joplin and this is probably one of the features that will be added then.

Thanks CalebJohn, Atom editor seems to work the best for this purpose. It offers a package called autosave-onchange which means that anything you type in Atom will instantly display in Joplin. This is in addition to its snippets functionality which provides automatic replacement like I wanted.

The whole setup is still very cumbersome compared to onenote though… Hopefully the autoreplace feature will be implemented soon.