OneNote importer

Hello, everyone!

I'm working on adding OneNote importer to Joplin.

The feature is getting close to being ready for a pre-release, but I still would like to make more tests of real use cases before that. I'm creating the topic to ask if anyone here has any notebooks inside OneNote and would be willing to export them for me to test and see if we find any bugs.

How to export a notebook

Access OneNote from its web application:

By right-clicking a notebook you have an option to export the notebook:

A new window will open up with a download button:

This .zip file is what we are going to use to import, that is what I would need to make the test!

I want to export, but I have some private information

If you would like to help but have some sensitive notes that you wouldn't like to give me access to you could always duplicate the notebook and export the newly created without these notes.

To do that you can follow the steps above until you get the zip file.

After that you should follow OneNote instruction Export and import OneNote notebooks - Microsoft Support to duplicate your notebook

At this point, you will be able to visualize the copy and remove the sensitive notes and follow the export process again.

If anyone would like to help but needs more privacy you can reach out to me via PM.


Could you access a notebook via link?

I wonder if it's preferable over uploading gigabytes of notes into the forum...

Sent you a PM with a link to a zip file. Looking forward to this resource. Let me know if there is anyway I could help. Sorry, don't know Rust.... :frowning:


I recently tried to use a Python module to process OneNote files. It turned out that the same set of notes produced a different export file when using Microsoft 365 respectively the web version. The first worked, the second didn't. So it would be good to test both. Here is my simple web export. It's just a few test notes: (94.9 KB)


I have a massive OneNote notebook notebook - hundreds of pages, subpages, images, etc.. I've been trying all sort of PowerShell techniques to export it from OneNote to HTML, but something always seems to flub. I'd be curious how you do this. I want to share it, but I would rather it not be publicly downloadable, but there's nothing really sensitive about it - it's just some creative work of mine.

I don't see how to PM you here. Perhaps you can initiate a PM to me and I'll figure it out from there? Thanks.