Onedrive authentication crashed Microsoft account

Joplin 1.7.11, MacOS Big Sur
I enabled E2EE and Onedrive authentication crashed my Microsoft main account address. Now I can't login to that microsodt account because the system doesn't recognises it. Any ideas how to revert authentication?

The 2nd question: is there a way to see the Microsoft email address that Joplin is authenticated with? Maybe somewhere in the logs we can find this info...

@tessus @laurent Have you got a chance to take a look? Just create a new Microsoft account, then add a few aliases, then configure sync with OneDrive and you'll will see how that sync makes impossible to login to your Microsoft account.

What do you mean by "crashed"? If you have the right password and the right e-mail address you should still be able to log into that account on the web and use it for all other Microsoft services. I dont think it not possible that a single application like Joplin gets this kind of access to a Microsoft account.

Have you dont that and been able to replicate the issue?

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Indeed. I created a new Microsoft account and wasn't able to replicate the issue. It turns out I forgot my Microsoft email address. Is there any record in Joplin database that shows to which Microsoft account the current OneDrive sync is established?

It's very important to get that email address for me and Microsoft Support wrote to me that they can't do anything. So Joplin is my last hope...

As far as I know, there's only the token. Whether or not you can use the token to get back the account isn't clear, certainly not from Joplin.

I don’t think that the e-mail address is saved somewhere, but I am not a programmer. So don’t know for sure.

Do you need access to it because of your Joplin database or for any other reason? Of it is about your Joplin notes perhaps there is another solution?

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