Onedrive doesn't work

Under windows 10, after synchro choice to onedrive there is no option to connect.
This app is then useless

Have you pressed the sync button (or Ctrl-s)? What happens when you do?

Nothing happens.
When I select onedrive in the options, then the file menu is only showing Quit

Did you press this button?


That means one drive is already selected. Pressing synchronize should take you to the one drive sign in page. I just tested on my computer and it works.

As I said, there is only “Quit Ctrl+Q” in the file menu!

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Synchronise doesn’t exist.

I just tried a portable version in my company pc, even dropbox doesn’t work, same behaviour, nothing to synchronise.

From the config menu, press the cancel button (Cancel is a bit of a misnomer)
This will take you back to the note screen where you can press the synchronize button

Indeed it’s weird that the file menu changes when you’re in the config screen, that’s probably an issue. Please try with the above steps and I’m certain it will work!