Once in a while when doing sync it goes through ALL my notes

3 Windows 10 64 PCs and 2 Android phones.
Joplin 1.1.4 on PC
Joplin 1.1.2 on Androids
E2EE enabled
Syncing over OneDrive

I have 2 notebooks, couple of hundred small notes per notebook.

Once in a while, seemingly on ANY of the clients when I sync I notice it goes through ALL the notes, counting up to the notes total per notebook. Normally is syncs 2 files plus whatever is new. Sometimes there is NOTHING new, no new notes and I experience it when opening Joplin to view a present note. This does seem to happen more on my Android phones. It's quick on my PCs, slow on my phones.

Not a big issue but keeps me from using my Joplin app if I need the most recent note and the sync takes a long time on mobile data. I does not appear to be processing attachments as only the

Any idea why this would happen every once in a while?

The latest version might have a fix for this: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin-android/releases/tag/android-v1.2.3