Odd sync issue

Hi again - I have bad news and good news! The bad news - I switched backups to Dropbox and unfortunately the same (or similar) error occurred. The good news - but when I switched to the Beta (TestFlight) version the sync worked perfectly! So now I will go back to Joplin Cloud and see if it works there too and report back. I seem to have duplicates of some notes, but that's not a big problem. Thanks for your help with this. As a complete non programmer, I suspect this has something to do with iOS 17 not deleting the Joplin version properly (ie clearing all data and settings) when the app is deleted. But take that with a large pinch of salt!

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Switched to Joplin Cloud and now things are not right again - I really thought we had it that time!
EDIT: I deleted and re installed Joplin (TestFlight) and this time the sync worked! Happy man!

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I'm glad it worked!

One thing you need to be aware of is the encryption keys. I wouldn't consider using public storage (I use DropBox) without encryption. Seems like just asking to have your data stolen.

If you use encryption, which I highly recommend, then you need to ensure that each client you connect uses the same encryption key as the others. Somehow, when setting up one of my clients (I believe Linux - I started with Windows and Android, and got those two working together without issue) ended up creating it's own encryption key. That turned out to be a complete mess. You obviously want all clients using the same set of data, so notes are shared across all of them. But in my case, the 3rd client used a different key, so it couldn't share notes with the other two clients. I finally managed to disable that different key, and resync all my notes with the common key.

When this happened, did sync fail (for some notes) on all other devices? I have a sync issue which is repeatedly crashing Joplin Android on two different phones, but I'm able to sync between two Windows installs just fine.

Hi - I'm afraid I only have two devices (Mac and iPhone) so can't really help with your question. Sorry