Odd sync issue

Here's the invitation: forum post

I'm able to reproduce this with the latest Android build though, so I don't think the TestFlight release will help. (At least not until the issue is fixed, which will hopefully be soon!)

This might help:

  • Do an initial sync on iOS (get it to a state where things aren't working correctly, but it says everything is synced)
  • On the Mac, export one of the notebooks that isn't syncing as JEX
  • Re-import the notebook on the Mac (so there's two copies).
  • Sync again

The imported copy of the notebook might sync (see issue comment).

Edit: From the Mac, the following may help:

  1. disabling note history (settings > note history), then
  2. going to "Syncrhonization" > "Advanced" > clicking "Re-upload local data", and finally
  3. reinstalling the iOS app

This will take a long time, so I don't currently recommend it.