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Back to Joplin after a few weeks with Obsidian

I just came back yesterday to Joplin after spending a few weeks with Obsidian, and I thought sharing my experience might be helpful to others who think of making this same trip.
First of all you have to keep in mind that for my usage, tags and structured notes hierarchy are the most important things for me. I also started using the Zettlekasten method with that last trip, with a slight modification to fit my need.

Why I chose to try Obsidian in the fist place?

Just because it kept my notes on my hard drive, so I don't have to worry about any app going away. It is a tempting feautre, nobody can deny that.
However, this could be true only if all the contents of your ntoes (including they way they link to other notes, and the tags) will remain applicaiton independent.

Why I came back to Joplin?

  1. Obsidian search doesn't allow you to use wild cards (*) in search for tags, you have to insert the full tag name (in my case it can be 10 words or more), but in Joplin its a normal thing to do.
  2. Tags could be a mess very easily. to clarify this consider the following tags:
    If I want to insert any of these in Obsidian I have to remember the start of the path
    But in Joplin I just type 'chi' and I have both tags to chose from .. thanks @Laurent and all hte other team members for this
  3. This might be a mistake from me, but several times as I type, if I indent the text unintentionally it becomes a block code.. this was a nightmare for me several times, to return the editing to the normal mode
  4. Of course having your notes on your hard drive in your folder is the safest way to keep them on the long run. However, as I mentioned before, this is conditioned by their contents being available and menaingful when the app that created them is gone for any reason. On the other hand Open Source is more trust worthy in general, in terms of remaining there and not changing policy any time in the future. The only thing you have to worry about is the OS changes. And this, from my experience with Windows is not a big issue. I have programs from the lae 1990s that still work perfectly.

Obsidian has more features than Joplin, nobody can deny that. but most of these features are community plugins so may be some great programmers can create ones witht he same ideas here in Joplin. Besides note all of them are useful to all people, most of them are plusses not musts, some are even just cosmetics (like a daily note, or chess board).
I'm used to write down my thoughts and impressions about these experiences. When I returned to some of the notes I wrote during that period I discovered that the way Obsidian handles tags was an annoying issue for me from the very beginning. I'm saying this despite Obsidian have a hierarchical taggings system and Joplin doesn't . I gave @Laurent a headache two or three times here in the forum about the need for this feature, but now, after my experience, I have to appologise.. it was not really a big issue, what is more important is that I can be sure 100% that my tags are consistent, and I can search them using wild cards.

The only feature I might ask for- and it is not a deal breaker in any way - is an RTL plugin, Obsidian has one (community made).
I just forgot to mention that some Obsidian users use Joplin as a bridge when migrating from Evernote to Obsidian, because the latter doesn't have Import/Export features yet.

It's good to be back..home :slight_smile:


Did you link between notes? The backlink feature seems intriguing to me. I did see that someone developed a backlink plugin for Joplin however.

yes, backlinks plugin exists in Joplin for a while now. Besides, Obsidian still lacks essential features, like import/export and combining notes.