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Today I was having a "please upgrade sync target" popup on joplin, when i clicked it, it restarted joplin window saying that upgrade is in progress and will be completed automatically.
Once it completed, I lost most of my notes, and some of them appeared in the conflicts section.
I tried conflict resolution plugin but diff window is not opening up and these conflicts also does not include all the notes its just few of them.
Where have my notes gone?

Really wish I could help. But I have never seen such a message in Joplin. Hopefully a sb else will tell you why it happened or how to avoid it.
But anyway, do you have a complete local backup of your notes, e.g. generated with the simple backup plugin ?

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Luckily I had not too old backup so I used it. The plugin you mentioned will be very helpful, I wasn't aware of it and was making manual backups. Thanks a bunch.

Best practice for the plugin is to make a single jex backup, rather than jex backup for each notebook. I have it automatically create a daily backup.

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correct! this works just fine. And do not forget to set the plugin preferences to your case and needs.

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