Joplin lost 90% of my notes

Im' installed Joplin 1.3.17, in Windows 7 x64, and syncro whit local disk.
Today, when i access to add a note, offer to update.
I accept, and Joplin update...
Then, when i open Joplin, 90% of my notes are lost...
and a "Conflict" notebook, whit a bit of notes...

How i can recover all my notes?

did you have your notes synchronized to a remote target (dropbox, onedrive, etc)?

are all of your notes in the 'conflict' notebook, or only some of them?

Not. Only in mi hard disk.
In the conflict notebook there are some notes. Not all... I'm lose a lot!

What is the data directory of Joplin?

Normally C:\Users\<username>\.config\joplin-desktop

Go to Tools > Options and the path is shown on the very first line of the General page.