Notebooks Master Password

I have being thinking, …is there a way to have a Master password for in a Notebook sector of Joplin, like on the Firefox / Chromium Base Browser? After every Joplin start, you have to unlock it first to get to that sector.

At the moment, I Just use a .7z file for that.

FAQ | Could there be a password to restrict access to Joplin?

Thank you, it seems I miss that Hype Train. Issues[289]

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Not that I need such an extra layer of protection desperately, but if Mozilla thinks it's a good idea for Firefox, despite of the OS user password, why wouldn't the same logic apply to Joplin ? You could disable it if you don't need it.
My guess, it will come in Joplin .... 3.0

In Safari on iOS recently a password protection was enabled when you switch to private browsing..