Login Password


I'm using Joplin for a while and I love it, it is a great notes app but I noticed that there isn't any setting to password protect the app at startup.
Can we have that feature please?
Ideally, when the app starts it should ask for your password or at least a pin code. If it can have 2FA it would be even greater.
Also, another feature would be session expire logout.
For example if you haven't use the app the last 5 mins, the session would expire and it would ask for your password/pin code again.

This subject comes up very often and has been discussed at length on this forum. Have a search for "PIN", "app password", "passcode" or "PIN lock" or something like that. There will probably be quite a bit to read :slight_smile:

This is the entry in the FAQ about Joplin not having a password lock.