Note properties - calendar


when I edit the date in the note properties, the “calendar sheet” is not showing the whole month in version 1.0.216 anymore. In earlier version the whole month was displayed.

Version 1.0.216, Win 10 Pro


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I can not reproduce that. Calendar shows fine for me.

Joplin 1.0.2016 | W10 Pro

The calendar seems to be limitted to the note dialoge on my computer.

I have the same issue: the calendar does not fit in the dialog box; you have to scroll right and down to see Sunday, the last row of dates and the time.
Joplin Calendar

Joplin 1.0.2016 | W10 Pro

Same here and you cannot use the scroll bars as clicking on them closes the calendar dialog.

I misunderstood - I tested the date picker for setting the alarm.

I can confirm that the calendar in note properties is broken.

Joplin 1.0.2016 | W10 Pro

I’ve got it too in 1.0.216 Win10.


Now it is extremely uncomfortable to change the dates (scrolling the scrollbars).

Will it be fixed or will it be forever?


same under Mac OS.

Joplin 1.0.216 (prod, darwin)
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@dpoulton I can scroll with the mouse in the calendar window as a workaround.

This is fixed and will be in the next release.