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@zblesk No there is no option for this and there will not be. The notes should also work on systems without a plugin, so this was a intentional decision to not to use the dynamic approach of only a renderd output.


Okay, fair enough. Thanks!

I just installed joplin for making notes for my class. Can you tell me the steps to create anki notes from the notebook?


Thanks for this great plugin!

3 questions:

  • Would it somehow be possible to create a note overview for each notebook automatically, so that all my notebooks each get a note overview with just one codeblock/script?

  • The images (thumbnails) in the note overviews are sometimes very small in the markdown preview - despite the image size in the codeblock is always the same - seems as if the entire table is scaled in the markdown preview according to the number of entries in the note overview - how can I resolve this?

  • It would be great to be able to add the sourceurl as a field/icon in a note overview - is that somehow possible?

In the list view no problem, in the table version you can only output the source_url but not only a icon.
But I'll add this to the request list

No, as new notes are not automatically created.

Yes the tables are always scaled automatically. It can just be specified for the image a width and height.

Thanks! Looking forward to source url icons!

From Joplin 2.7.6 there is the following error Applying a backoff of 8 seconds due to frequent plugin API calls. This leads to the fact that it takes extremely long until the overview notes are generated.

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v1.5.5 (2022-01-26)

  • Improved: Alias keyword AS is now case insensetive #43
  • Fix: #47 Wrong color for finished todos (todo [done]) where loaded from the pluginsettings
  • Fix: #42 Table misformatted if values are blank
  • Fix: #29 #38 Text from note disappear (Thanks to @ken1kob)

Hi @JackGruber

I am trying to sort a list of todos by due date (todo_due ASC) but I would like the results to be from the oldest to the most recent and then all the other todo's that do not have a due date. Is there a way to do this?

Hi @JackGruber

In my daily use of the plugin I notice that I regularly have problems with the automatic refresh of tables. I've tried both with the synchronization interval (5 min) and with the update after the joplin synchronization (itself every 5 min).
I don't understand why sometimes it works normally and sometimes not. Would you help me to understand?

@bepolymathe Did you use the Joplin pre-release?

If so, the update takes for me about 30 minutes with multiple note overviews :frowning:
I have not yet tested the latest prerelease (This is what I would like to do tonight).

Yes absolutely :thinking:
That said I feel like I've had this worry for a while....

And then I have the impression that if I update by hand it is almost instantaneous :thinking:

Could you please try Joplin 2.8.5

I already use this version...

Joplin 2.8.5 (prod, linux)

ID client : b384607cecc74aa881aa0991c25be27b
Version de Synchro : 3
Version du profil : 41
Trousseau supporté : Non

Révision : 9806e33

When I wrote earlier I was at work with a windows machine (same version of Joplin and the plugin). Now I'm on linux (Fedora)... I think it's a little better.

Which sync and update settings do you recommend to do some tests ? I'm at 5 min for the Joplin sync and update the plugin at the Joplin sync

I have 5 min and on sync and on a other client 30 min and on sync.

With Joplin < 2.8.0 and >= 2.8.5 I have no problem.
If there is nothing in the logs, I can also provide a dev version, which then has to be included separately, but outputs more in the console.

I don't see anything in particular. Maybe it's the structure of my note?

I have 3 overviews in the same note...

If not, I'd like the dev version to give you some logs...

Since I am not a programmer, is it possible to use this plugin to merely make a thumbnail collection with links within the images only? Since I work with images most part of the time, i need a sort of image album (no tables needed) to chose quickly what I need.
The table disposition of the images is not practical to me, because I need to just glance-pick image, with minimum page scroll.

no this is not possible, only the images from the notes can be displayed, but no preview image which contains the text.

Sorry, Jack, I think I did not express myself correctly (English is not my primary language).
I meant that if it's possible to write on the page the code

<a href="the_image_note_page">
<img src="the_image_itself.img" width="50%" height="50%">
</a> &nbsp;

instead of a table as it is now.