Note overview

In the example, the second image from a note is displayed. If there is no second image, the last image from the note is used.

<!-- note-overview-plugin
search: notebook:"Welcome! (Desktop)"
fields: image
  width: 50%
  height: 50%
  nr: 2
  exactnr: false
  text: <a href=":/{{id}}">{{image}}</a>
  linebreak: false
  separator: "&nbsp;"



Thank you!!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello, Jack, the code worked on my laptop like a charm, but for Android the links do not work, can you point me the reason, please?
My system is Andoid 11 on a Lenovo Tab P11 Plus (and I could not find the folder where the image files are, even using the Total Commander app. I use also a SDCard as an extra storage device)

I think this is a bug somewhere in Joplin mobile. A link in the format <a href=":/8771a1210bd447d9808c42323b64f60d">Test</a> dosn't work there.