Note list preview plugin

That was my very first stab at writing a plugin, I have to study and learn on how to do that.
On another note, it would be great if Joplin browser extension would handle Youtube pages in a better way like Evernote does.

In an ideal world, it would capture the image, link to the video, some metadata
and include the text portion (without comments) properly formatted

I'm very green with writing JS plugin, but I'll take a stab at what you suggested.
Thanks for your feedback.


@JackGruber If there are multiple images in a note, is there a way to tell the plugin which image to use for the thumbnail?

No, the first resource (PDF or image) available in the note is always used.

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Would it be possible to add {{notebook}} as a field (when in the "All notes" list or search results)?

Creating images directly from URLs is now supported in Desktop: Resolves #10334: Support URLs in plugin API imaging.createFr… · laurent22/joplin@034e568 · GitHub


I have installed Note List Preview two days ago, but it does not work.
I can not see the menu options to activate it. Also in the settings, there isn´t the Note List item to setting it.
The only thigns that I can see in the settings Plugins options, is a message of the Note list preview installed plugin with this text: "Please, update Joplin to use this plugin", and I am using the last Joplin version.

Could you help me, please?

Yes, I would say a known problem currently by design. Joplin cannot display/install the latest compatible version of a plugin but only the latest one.

The version 1.0.0 of the plugin only works with Joplin greater than 3.0.3 which is currently in pre-release state.

You need to install the Plugin version v0.4.2, this is possible via manual install.

Thanks a lot by your quick response.

I tried with 0.4.2 version but didn´t work.
So, I have seen that version 1.0.0 and 0.4.2 has the same file size and time uploaded ago.

I thought, may be both files are the same and I installed 0.4.1 version of the plugin and It works.