Note list preview plugin

v0.4.1 (2024-02-17)

  • Fix: Increase thumbnail size for better previews, the Joplin zoom level is also taken into account #18
  • Add: Option to mark notes as confidential #17

How to set the todo color(s) correct? I've tested to make it everywhere #ff0000 but I can't see anything in red :thinking:

Only the date has a color, you ned to add the todo date to the preview

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thanks - looks great!

Thank you for this great plugin.

Is there any reason why I can't get a thumbnail from a jpg image exceeding c.1800 pixels ? the iOS app can resize to 1920 but the image doesn't appear as a thumbnail. Yet a png file, seemingly of any size, does show a thumbnail.

I have a note with a jpg image resized to 1920 in iOS, occupying 958Kb but no thumbnail appears.
If I right-click and copy in the desktop app, then paste the image into a new note, I get a 1920 png occupying 3.4Mb and the thumbnail appears.

I'd like to be able to add a new photo note in the iOS app, resize the image to 1920 which is fine for my purposes, and show the thumbnail in the desktop app. I don't know if there is an arbitrary limit somewhere of 1800 px but could it be increased to 1920 ?

Could you export such a note as JEX an share. Because I have images with over 2500 and 3000 px and it works fine.

OK thanks for offering to investigate:

Joplin note list:

Image taken in iOS and resized to 1920 in the Joplin app.jex (1.2 MB)

Image taken in iOS and resized to 1920 - Copied and Pasted from the JPG.jex (4.4 MB)

Here you see the jpg, resized to 1920 at 1.2Mb, synced, then, copied the image in Joplin desktop, pasted into a new note, get a png size 4.4Mb. No pdf preview.
I tried various thumbnail size settings but I haven't been able to get a pdf preview to show - unless I resize it externally to 1800 and then put the resized jpg into a note.

At the moment no PDF thumbnail is supported!

For the image resized image not displayed from iOS:

Oh my bad typing PDF when I meant JPG. So an issue to be fixed? Thanks

Yes, see Images with mime type image/jpg not displayed #22

I guess that would be something for us to fix as well since there's no such thing as an image/jpg mime type. It should be image/jpeg but looks like we use /jpg in a few places

Hey @JackGruber just a quick heads up that if a user searches for "note list preview" without brackets (as it is named in the title of this thread) he/she will not find it in the Joplin settings screen. It needs to be searched with brackets as "note list (preview)" in order to be found. It may seem an obvious thing, but it was preventing me from installing such a nice plugin.

Heads-up N.2. I have a second machine in which I installed the note list preview plugin, but the extra preview info of the items in the note list do not show up... I can only see just the titles, no matter what I do. Installing/reinstalling/reactivating the plugin and removing temporarily the CSS custom sheet did not help... Any tips?

Both machines are running:
Windows 10
Joplin 2.14.20 (prod, win32)
Note list (Preview): 0.4.1