Note-links on exports

I notices that links between notes fail in all types of human-readable exports. Not sure about json. I tried to fix my links with find and replace, adding a full path to the root export folder. still some are broken.

But theמ I tried to think, in what context are the links supposed to work?
Only on Joplin? But then they are edited upon export: to "undefined" when beyond the scope of the export.
Within other editors? then why they are relativized, and changed to encoded texts, when the (Windows) filenames are decoded?
For re-importation to Joplin? The .md's links are broken then too, as the json destinations have been lost.
Are they just work in progress?


Some older topics

I downloaded Typora and see that the links work fine in it, as in Joplin.
Great relief.

I guess that what I saw was mostly limitations of Notepad++. TIL.
(html and pdf still have a problem, right?)