Note Has Attachment Icon

Coming over from Evernote, 1 thing that I miss is if a note had an attachment, in the note list there would be a small icon next to the note name indicating an attachment. Is there any way of getting that in Joplin?



Hey @sttrebo,

There is an issue opened for this.

I did implement this feature, but it was scrapped for the time being as there is no proper dialog framework that we use and a lot of code repetition occurs. So, We’d have to wait until a proper Dialog framework has been decided.

See this comment.

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thanks, would have been a nice feature. but my original request was more about attachments. see attached screen clip. the small paperclip icon indicates an individual note has an attachment (resource). i have found it useful to be able to see which notes have resources attached and which notes do not.


Oh, I’m sorry.

I guess that would be a good feature. Let’s see what the maintainers have to say about this.

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