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Set of icons for attachments

It would be just a little aesthetic enhancement: when you add an attachment to a note, the icon near the attachment will be not “J” but the icon of the type of file.

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Yes I’m thinking about changing this. For files I think I’ll put a generic “file” icon for now. For note links, I’m not sure but I’m thinking about putting no icon at all. It’s just a link after all so there’s no need to make it look different, but I’m open to feedback on this.

I like the fact that a link to another note is denoted somehow. It does not have to be the J icon, but it should be marked somehow. Maybe this could be optional via a setting.

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This can already be customized via css

I agree with @tessus.

Also (for unnaturally fussy people like me!) having an icon for non Joplin links would aid formatting / layout.

I have a collection of links; some internal, some not. It produces a “staggered” list.


A suggestion could be to have just two icons; one that indicates an internal link to a Joplin note or resource (currently a “J”) and one that indicates an external file or link (like Wikipedia does).

I suppose that this could be extended so the internal link reflects the type of resource it is pointing at (which I think is what the OP was referring to) but it could get out of hand with all the 1000’s of file types someone may want to attach to their note.

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maybe also add some extra icon for PDFs ?

For files, there are a lot of sets of icons. For example, here there is a huge set of icons. The icons (not the vscode extension code) are licensed under the Creative Commons - ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license and, given that they are all .svg. all together have 3MB size.
I don’t know if the license is good for you.