Joplin's attachment feature feedback

Attachments are important functions of note software.

Q: When a note has an attachment, it is displayed in the paragraph as text.
But that alone is not enough. I sometimes forget whether the notes have attachments.

Solution: I hope that when there is an attachment in a note, there will be a corresponding prompt in the toolbar to let users know that the note has an attachment (sometimes they will forget what attachment they put in this note)

Q: The copy file name of the attachment in the Joplin user profile folder has been changed.
Not sure whether it is because of data security considerations or the need for software preservation?

One type of notes is process notes.
During our learning process, sometimes the corresponding process is recorded, and in addition, attachments are attached so that we can directly obtain the corresponding files from the notes when we restore the operation process.

Generally, we sort files in the computer, such as picture folders, program folders, and so on.
Although this method is convenient for managing files on the computer, it is not suitable as a file index for certain behaviors.
Process notes are designed to solve this problem.
In the process of learning design and programming, I will record the necessary processes, and then attach the corresponding files. In this way, when I can’t remember later, I can directly search the notes, restore the operation process at that time, and get the needed
This is my application currently.