[Feature Request] Count the notes with checked checkbox

Hello everyone, I like the application a lot, but I did something missing. When you create a notebook, the number of notes inside is indicated. Even if you have more notebook inside.

I would like to also indicate the number of notes you have marked with the checkbox, to have a control of how many activities I have done with respect to the total.


Thank you very much for reading me. I think this would be useful to many people, since it can have several uses.

If I haven't explained myself well I'm sorry, English is not my first language :frowning:

A greeting!

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Hey! This seems like an interesting feature. One doubt - when you say count of checked items, do you mean the number of checked checkboxes inside the note, or the number of completed todos?

I don’t quite understand what you mean. I think it would be the number of ToDos completed.

Here I leave you a small montage of how it is currently, and below another with my added function.



Thank you very much for your interest.

This seems like a great idea. I can implement this. Let’s wait for input from the maintainers.

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Yeah, its will be a really good idea. If admins want I can implement this.

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That makes it very clear, thanks! It seems to be a nice feature to have

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Before adding a new count method, could you please fix the current one?

Please have a look at the following comment.


Yeah sure sir, I would like to fix this issue.


Please, have at it. It's yours now. :wink:


Thank you all !! :slight_smile: Nice community this!


@tessus Sir is this how you wanted it? If everything is fine, I will make a PR. Tell me if I need to change anything. I will now work on the main feature requested in topic if you feel this is fine.

thunde_count2_f thunde_count4_f thunde_count3_f

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Yes, this looks great. Please create a PR and then I can also run a few tests.


Done Sir, please have a look. Sir, should I change the tests also?

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@artema91 before implementing the feature you asked, we need to figure out, what to do when we have notes in some notebooks? I mean if we have 2 notes and 1 completed todo and 2 completed todo. What should we show? 1/5 or 1/3. In both cases, we are missing some information. In first case, we are couting notes in the task, which shouldn’t be done and in the second case we are not showing how many notes we have in the notebook.

This feature should be optional.

Either way, please get the ok from Laurent first, otherwise you don’t know if it will be merged, and then you will have wasted your time coding it.

(The TB count has already been accepted, so I knew it was ok to go ahead with it.)

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Okay sir, I will ask laurent sir before implementing this feature.

I propose to count the checkboxes first, and then point out the number of notes. In the following format: (number of ToDos checked / total number of ToDos) (number of notes)

Example (1/4) (2)

Next I leave some montages of an example and of the possible screen in options to mark this feature:

Hope it helps, and we can implement this feature.

Regards and thanks for everything.

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I bring up the subject again. Is it possible then to put this feature? :smile:

Maybe if indicating the exact number of checked checkboxes is too much, maybe a percentage? (Although I would like to be able to choose how it is displayed in the preferences menu)