Note creation date displayed on the note editor

Is there a way to display the note creation date near the note updated date (top right bar above the editor, right next to language settings icon)? Or even to display it anywhere in the note editor?
I am aware that if I press the "i" icon I will get that info, and that the "Note list (preview)" plugin can display that info in note list panel, too... but that's not exactly what I'm after.
Any chance I may get there with some CSS code and/or already existing plugins I may have missed out?

Btw... hi everyone, I am new here, after migrating 3.5k notes and 2gb of attachments from Evernote... I hope I am here to stay, as I love the community and the software, so far. A big thanks for creating and maintaining this!

Such plugin that displays various custom information in a panel would indeed be useful, but I'm not aware it exists yet.