In the list of notes, is it possible to display teh date of creation and the date of lat modif?

My version of Joplin : 2.5.10 revision b80242d
My OS : windows 10

I come from Evernote, and I was very happy to find Joplin to replace evernote.

Perhaps the only functionnality I missed is the display of the creation date and the last modification date in the "all notes" list. It could be very usefull, sometimes, to find a specific note.

I didn't find any option to do that. And any pluging.

Thank's for you're answers

Greetings, welcome to the forum!

At the moment it is not possible to display dates or other metadata in the note list.
Would love to be proven wrong by our CSS hackers tho :slightly_smiling_face:

As a close workaround, you could probably try using Note overview plugin to show you the info you're interested in with the notes.

In the past, there were a few similar discussions, so let me just link it here for visibility sake

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Thank's for your answer !
Note Overview doesn't seem to do what I'm searching for.
I will wait.
Greetings from Annecy near Geneva or Chamonix :slight_smile:

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Having more details in the note list has been quite a popular feature request so it certainly has the support of the community, just needs somebody to pick it up (if the current framework allows for it).

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