Note Counter label

hello. i think you should include a label for the number of notes within a notebook. it seems a pretty basic/essential feature. also please include AMOLED/Black screen mode in the mobile version.

There’s a PR open that shows the number of notes within a notebook. It hasn’t been merged yet.

On mobile versions there’s a light and dark theme. If you want another theme, feel free to create one. PRs are always welcome.


first of all im a layperson. i dont know what PR is and what it merges to. im just trying to be helpful and offering a suggestion to further improve this awesome app. i assume whoever created this app must have wanted it to be adopted widely. so the majority of users would be nonprogrammers. i humbly suggest you assume by default that posters on the forums are general users(even if that is not the case). :slight_smile:

It means somebody already coded that feature and the developer of Joplin now has to decide, if he wants to integrate it or not.

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Unfortunately the PR was not merged, because the person who coded the change did not follow up with change requests from Laurent.

So I guess this will take some time before it will be in Joplin.

P.S.: The developer of Joplin has decided not to integrate the code, because the person who wrote the code did not implement additional changes.


well good things come to those who wait,i guess :grin: !
also is there any plan of making a joplin calendar? tht would complete the trifecta of note,to do list and calendar.

I don’t think that a calendar is planned.

Has there been any progress on this?

On what? The note counter or the calendar? In both cases the answer is no.

But someone could resurrect the PR and implement the changes Laurent requested:


I’m guessing someone still needs to resurrect the PR to implement the change? (for a note counter on notebooks)

Yes, do you want to take a shot at it?

Another stab at the feature:

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Would you accept a PR for adding these notebook counts to mobile too? It’d be especially useful when syncing, to see the delta between the counts on different devices.

Yes, but I would first like to review the desktop implementation, because it seems there are some performance issues.

And I would love to see a better count algorithm. (Keyword: thunderbird count). :thinking: