Note changes do not synch

I am finding that note title and content changes are not synching: I imported a folder of markdown files and after an initial synch, changed the titles and content on some of the notes. The note changes have not synched to my other devices. New notes are synched one some but not all machines, but any changes to them do not leave the device they were made on. I am synching between 2 Macs and an iPhone and iPad. Synch seems to complete successfully with no errors and conflicts

Dropbox synch
MacOS desktop version 1.0.216, synch version 1, profile version 29
iOS: 10.0.47, database v28, FTS enabled 1

Any suggestions?
Thank you.

You could compare the output of

Tools > Synchronisation status (on the desktop versions)


Menu > Configuration > Sync status (on the mobile versions).

Does the numbers match up?

Yes the numbers match, but the not title and contents do not.

This morning I tried completely deleting the iPad app, and reinstalling and synching from Dropbox from scratch, but the changed note titles are still not showing up - the titles are as they were before I changed them.