Export Not Working - Manjaro

I am using Joplin 2.5.1, the appimage, on a Dell Core i7 desktop, running Manjaro KDE, fully updated.

Joplin is working fine for core functions, but when I try to export a note to any format, to include PDF, Markdown, and Markdown with Front Matter, nothing happens.

I'm afraid I don't know how to pull an error log, or I would post one.

Is this a permissions issue? I rebuilt my system recently, reinstalled and had no problem syncing back to Dropbox.

I haven't tried reinstalling, and would prefer not to do so if I can help it, I am rather in the middle of a project right now.

All help is appreciated. Thanks.

This thread has a discussion where some Linux distros were not able to export and Manjaro was one of them. It seems that it is an "upsteam" issue with Electron upon which Joplin is built.

According to the Joplin changelog a patch was applied in Joplin 2.5.10 so it looks like an upgrade is needed. As of today the current release version is 2.5.12.

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Very many thanks to you and the devs. That's the solution, works like a charm.

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