Export to pdf not working

I can't export anything to pdf.
The pdf saving screen comes and and just stays there forever.

Kubuntu 21.10
lastest joplin


what version?

just upgrade to 2.8.2 but the problem persists. Before that 2.7.15 had the same issue.

Thanks, and what do you mean by "pdf saving screen"? Could you post a screenshot please?

Sorry I made a mistake .I'm exporting to MD not pdf. here is the screenshot:

ok that's strange. Could you check if there's any error or warning in the console (under Help > Open development tools") and post them here?

I can't get to the console unless I force kill joplin and relaunch.

Export to pdf, md, md + front matter, html (file + directory), jex, raw works fine for me in the following environment

Kubuntu 21.04
Joplin 2.8.2 (prod, linux)

Does it happen as well if you switch the profile and then do the export?
Does safe mode make any difference?

Can you open the console before running the import?

I've done that but when I try to save the console, nothing happens.

It's probably stuck in an infinite loop then. Also as suggested by graphit0, did you try to run in safe mode? Because there are lots of warnings about the "repeating todos" plugin so it could be the reason.

Or if you could try to isolate the note that's causing the freeze and could share it here that would help too.

It's working now. It was the repeating todos plugin that was the issue as you pointed out.

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