No slider at Tagg and Notebook sidebar on windws

Operating system


Joplin version


Desktop version info

Joplin 2.13.15 (prod, win32)

Client-ID: 94b917fee45d449582642eed8fa2087c
Sync-Version: 3
Profil-Version: 44
Unterstützter Schlüsselbund: Ja

Revision: 7d2c1c0

Favorites: 1.3.0
Resource Search Plugin: 0.1.2
Simple Backup: 1.3.3
Tag Links: 0.1.0
Tagging: 1.0.1

Sync target


What issue do you have?

There is no slider at the left sidebar (Notebooks, Tags). How to aktivate it?


It's there, there's just not much contrast...


I use this code in userchrome.css to make it lighter.

::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {
    /* changes the scrollbar colour */
    background: #c0c0c0 !important;
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thank you very much. That works.

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