Nextcloud loop involving Joplin lock and timecheck files

I self-host Nextcloud (Snap) on Ubuntu Server and sync my Joplin library to it from several devices, including an Android mobile, a Windows laptop, and two Linux desktops (one of which also has the CLI client). Everything works fine and I have no sync issues.

However, my Nextcloud logs show that, in the background, Joplin is constantly trying and failing to create timeCheck*.txt files and lock files. Like, every minute of every day. The feed of my Nextcloud desktop client looks like this:


In Joplin/locks on my Nextcloud I have two files (sync_desktop_*.json and sync_mobile_*.json) which haven't been modified in 6 months.

In Joplin/temp I have ten timeCheck*.txt files, nine of which were last modified 4-6 months ago and one of which was modified 12 days ago.

What is going on, and what can I do to fix this? Thanks in advance for any pointers.

It's all part of the sync process.

The timeCheck is, I suppose, to estimate the clock drift between the server and the client.

Guessing from the name locks are probably to prevent concurrent modification of data by multiple clients trying to sync at the same time. Though from looking at the code I am not sure this mechanism works or may be my understanding isn't correct.

Would've been much easier to use WebDAV LOCK method but alas, Nextcloud does not support it.

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