Newbie Question: How and where to install what as a plugin?

Hi everybody,

I am new to using Joplin and still in the testing phase. After some playing around I found the built-in methods for rendering tables somewhat lacking for my use case. So I wanted to try out MultiMarkDown. But several questions remained unanswered after browsing FAQ, help pages and several searches:

  • FAQs tell me to drop the plugin into the plugin folder. I could not find such a folder, neither in the app dircetory (I am using Win), nor in the profile.
  • The options menus within the app also has a submenu plugins. What do I enter there?
  • And finally I am not sure, what to drop. I went to the github page of MMD, but I am not sure what exactly to download as there seem to be no releases.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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@hitettrx welcome to the forum.

Due to a new plugin system recently being introduced there can be some confusion, especially when reading old posts on the forum. There are some markdown extensions that have been added into Joplin itself and these were often referred to as plugins.

If you want to use Multimarkdown Tables go to Tools > Options > Markdown and you will see Multimarkdown Table Extension as the last entry.


Thank you