New Simple Joplin's UI and UX by giteshsharma

I have one question regarding this,
How we will choose which design to implement from all the mockups?

And @everyone Please share your opinions and Ideas about this and what else can be better.

For UI tree control(s), I would prefer use of filled triangle glyphs instead of the “>” and “V” used in your currently-proposed design. IMHO, filled triangles both look better and entail less cognitive dissonance.

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@chgraham, I don’t care so much about the exact geometry of the arrow glyphs. My main concern is that they don’t distract too much from the indention levels of the items. See this discussion.

@giteshsharma, The choices are a bit overwhelming. While digesting them, maybe you could tell me what those “CUSTOMER” and “NEW” buttons/boxes are, and where the note’s tags would be placed? Or are “CUSTOMER” and “NEW” those tags? BTW, double-clicking on a note’s tag and getting an appropriate context menu popped up would be nice.


Toolbars waste space, and context menus are unwieldy. They’re helpful getting started, but
after you’re familiar, they’re just getting in the way.

I’m speaking as someone who uses the mouse as little as possible because of RSI: Why would you want to grab your mouse and highlight a word, move the mouse pointer over to click “B”, move the mouse pointer back to where you were, and then go back to the keyboard, when you could just do ctrl+b, type, ctrl+b again, and continue typing? Just preference here.

But layout wise, I’m really digging the looks presented here…

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If somehow we can place tags and previous/forward buttons somewhere else we can make more simple layouts just like previous layouts. If you have Idea regarding this then we can make design little simple.

Yes these are tags
And can you illustrate that popped up menu and what will be inside it?
Although I think that double clicking a tag should do the same action as clicking tag from tags-box

It would be also nice to have dashboard design.

@kartoo Can you explain little bit about it?
Do you mean this “Dashboard where all the notebooks are present”?

I think the choice is this design will be implemented is in the end down to @laurent? Regarding how we should choose which version I mean. If this is implemented (I personally would love to see it), I’ve already “re-designed” my Aritim-Dark theme to work with this new design.

Also @giteshsharma and @kartoo I think we need to be careful about adding new features to the design. This is something that has been mentioned over and over again that everytime someone make a new design suggestion they keep adding new features not in Joplin. If we realisticly want to see a new modern design for Joplin I personally think we should only use features Joplin already has. If you think something missing in the app it would be better to make a feature-request here on the forum.

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Thanks Bro, I would love to see that theme with this design, can you share it here?

Yeah I know that bro, I was just asking what does he mean.

Sure! I can share it once I'm home from work. :slight_smile:

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Actually, question, would it be possible to get your files? It would make it simpler for me to make a "clean" image. :smiley: Because at the moment it is pretty dirty as I just used your PNG's and change the color. IF you would be okay with that?

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Why not?, It is open source and it will be great if we work combine on it.

Here is link, just copy frame before editing them, so we have the backup, although I have another backup so no worries at all.

Hey @memophen, I think you can try something on these as well

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These designs looks awesome. But not really a fan of moving the text formatting toolbar anywhere else. It’s the best place for it to be IMO. Maybe a zen-mode that hides all sidebars and toolbars? Now that’s what I’d wish for.


I did a very rough and quick show of my idea. I still need more time to design this though. I'm not really a good designer. :smiley: I just do stuff in code until I feel like it looks good. So this was the first time I ever started Figma to try and draw something.


Take your time and there are every design that I created is available, just hide and show frames to view others

Previously I do the same thing creating design direct through code and then shifted to photoshop, the 1 layout I submitted was build on PS but for UI is not ideal tool, so for the new layout that I published on 25 apr are created using Figma, It is handy and easy, I recommed you watch any youtube for boosting and must learn Figma Auto layout, This will really improve your workflow for creating themes

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@laurent Did you checked the new mockups? If yes, What is your feedback for the new mockups?

Same kind of action as clicking on a tag in the left sidebar, sure. But maybe in the form of a pop-up list instead of a second sidebar. For myself, I'm not convinced that pop-ups are a good idea in this situation, I just wanted to mention it as a possibility.

I like the idea of graying out the visited notes, BTW, provided that it doesn't prevent revisiting such notes and that the graying gets lost when the sidebar/pop-up of selected notes is closed.

@giteshsharma removing the toolbar completely doesn’t seem a nice idea. Instead, there should be an option where user could select fixed toolbar or inline toolbar which appears on text selection

I have same thoughts on popups that is not great for todos
As pop-up will lost everytime and user have to click it everytime to select diff todos, this will irritate user and break the flow as well.

These visited/un-visited notes feature is only for searching
To prevent this grayout, We have two options here

  1. everytime they restart the app it will restart the grayout
  2. we can restart it everytime user search something new
    I think [point 1] will be much better

Are you talking about this toolbar?

If yes, I don't think so. Read below answer by @worker, he explained it pretty well

I know that current users are familiar with that toolbar and I am not removing anything, just placing buttons at differ place(probably better places)

It will give user more space and tooltips will help them to remember shortcuts
In short this will increase their speed and workflow as well as user experience.

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Just to quickly clarify, I’m not suggesting it’s bad having a toolbar, I just think it should be an ‘initially’ type of thing, where one can nuke it. We can stop showing the left side notebooks, tags, and notes themselves, but we can’t get rid of a formatting toolbar which takes up precious vertical real estate on widescreen desktop monitors.

This is purely a preference thing though, so my feedback is it’d be great if users with a preference for not having it could indulge that, but if not, it’s really not that intrusive.