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New pre-release available with many fixes for recent issues (v1.0.232 now available)

@CalebJohn, when I do a global search, for me it highlights the results in the CodeMirror editor too. Or is not doing it in some cases?

It won’t do it if there are multiple words in the search, for example if you search for joplin was then it would highlight those words but not all occurrences. The codemirror highlighting system isn’t as performant as markjs, so it’s disabled for multiple keywords.

I didn’t find pgp keys or signatures. I suppose you mean for windows and mac there is signature inside the file properties. Is that quite good like Linux checksum ?

About CodeMirror I tested it again, yes It’s looks not work just in some cases, with markdown syntax : - [ ** ! : #

It’s an actual signature, so it’s better than a checksum.

For information, a new version is available: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/releases/tag/v1.0.232

This one removes support for hierarchical tags for now as there’s a performance issue, so we need more time to get the feature ready.

I’ll probably make this pre-release the final release over the week-end so if you notice any issue, feel free to let me know.

In the meantime I’m going to take the complete lack of feedback as good news :grin:


What happens please if version 1.0.231 has been used and hierarchical tags have been set up. Will the removal of the feature break anything or will they just show as tag/tag ?


It won’t break anything but for example “tag/subtag” will be converted to two tags: “tag” and “subtag”.

Unfortunately reversing this feature was necessary as we need more time to improve the performance, and it would have delayed releasing this new version (which has many bug fixes) by too much

@Dave to be safe of course it’s best to make a backup as jex before upgrading.

@laurent Thanks for the reply. I fully understand the need to pull a feature if it’s not yet fit for purpose. For me, this was a much waited for feature, so I’ll probably stick with the beta even if there are performance issues until the full release includes it again.

Keep in mind that the next version will rollback the database changes, then they’ll be restored again when we restore the feature. But it means that when you finally upgrade, your changes will be rollback in any case, and I think it means you’ll lose whatever hierarchy you setup (the tags will still be there, but just moved to a flat listing).

So if you do keep the beta I would suggest not to build up a big tag hierarchy for now as you’ll have to do it again when you upgrade.

So, your advice would be to install the new (interim) releases which should have less data loss for me?

Found an issue. :slight_smile:

Going from Options back to the edit window leaves the submenu in a grayed out state until you start typing in the edit window once again.


  • edit something
  • go into “Options”
  • go “Back” to the edit window (also occurs with the “Ok” button)
  • notice submenu is not usable
  • add a single character to your document
  • notice the submenu re-enable

Note: This was the case for both CodeMirror and Ace. I did not try the WYSIWYG editor since I have that disabled.

This may not be 232 related.

CodeMirror highlights and changes font sizes oddly. Just create a note with this text:

# Dollar $igns Change CodeMirror's Highlighting

- You can see more here: $0.00 and $10.00 (looks ok, wait, why is this blue?)
- Let's try it again: $5.82 (still looks fine, but why did the blue stop?)

I have see many font and color oddities in CodeMiror, recently surrounding dollar and percent signs. Let's see a 49%. Hm... that worked.

AH HA! Switch to dark mode. The $10.00 above (and here) are red for some reason. And the period here and at the end of this sentence (but not elsewhere) was highlighted red. Hmm... I have seen similar oddities with percent signs, but I couldn't replicate.

Now change to dark mode. The title has a fontsize change right after the dollar sign. In Light mode, there is odd text color changes from regular to blue. Not sure why. In Dark mode, text after some dollar signs (but not all) is red. Periods are sometimes highlighted (background color) red.

Just weird.

Hi @todd, the issue is because the opens a katex block and the CodeMirror editor now has support for highlighting math. Unfortunately the implementation enters a katex block as soon as you type which isn’t great. I’ve made a pull request that should fix all the issues related to using the dollar sign normally.

I don’t know what the issue could be with the percent sign, but if you can ever duplicate it please let me know!

btw here is an example of math highlighting


Probably a red herring related to the dollar sign thing. Thanks for the update.


Do you have the menu labels switched off? I ask as this seems to be part of the bug highlighted in this post where accessing settings makes the button labels disappear as well.

It also means if you do not actually have the edit pane open you cannot type to re-enable the menu and you cannot switch to editor / split view because the Layout button isn’t working. Therefore you need to change the Joplin app window size to get it active again.

Yeah. Seems to be the same or related issue.

v233 is available to fix this bug and another issue that could cause the app to crash.

“This bug” meaning the menu labeling and disabling issue. Yup. That seems to be resolved in v233 pre-release.

For the readers of this post, the dollar sign oddness is not part of this pre-release. For that, keep an eye on pull request 3582.