New phone install Decrypting Items XX/100 problem

I have the latest version of Joplin installed both on my desktop PC and new Android phone.

I had the Android version running fine on my older phone, installed on my new phone.
it synchronizes fine, but now says Decryption Items: xx/100
it slowly increments up to 100 then starts back at 1/100
It never goes away.

I will now have a couple of notes that say encrypted for maybe 10 minutes and then eventually I can get into them. Never saw this decrypting be this slow before.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I could upload the log file, but not sure how to attached a file.

Does the number of decrypted items increase in the Status screen, under Config?

yes, the number decrypted items does slowly increase

Ok so you should be fine. It might just be slow decrypting some items if they are particularly large, but it will go though all of them eventually.

I was wondering that. I'm guessing it doesn't decrypt in the background.

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