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New Joplin user here!

So here we are! My wife is a full stack dev in training, I am an all rounder specialized in web design--and we work as a team. I am using Joplin now and my wife will move across over time.

We have been using Obsidian just to have a place for snippets collections, but I have always felt uncomfortable using a closed source software when there is a good open source alternative available. I researched all the alternatives, and it finally came down to Joplin.

Why Joplin?

Open source

I have always supported worthwhile open source projects, and this would be no exception, as it gives value to the community.

Unneeded features

I don't need bi-directional backlinks or graphs for now, but Obsidian has no plans build a mobile app, and makes it a bit messy. Whereas, Joplin supports all our devices and platforms.


It was breeze and looks good without having to tinker with CSS.

Missing feature

I was hoping for Zettelkasten prefixing, but I can live with it. Is anyone working on a Zettelkasten prefixer plugin?

We look forward to being of value to the Joplin community, as well as learn from it. My wife is French and we live in Guadeloupe in the French Antilles, so we are happy to be using software written by Laurent Cozic based in :fr: France


Welcome to the community!

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Welcome here!

I'd love to live in the Antilles, it's like vacations all year long :slight_smile:

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Do you mean something like this? Zettelkasten prefixer - Obsidian-docs So it would create a file named based on a date/other metadata?

I haven't noticed that suggested, maybe you could write up how it would work here: https://discourse.joplinapp.org/t/any-suggestions-on-what-plugins-could-be-created


Exactly! I will do so, as most of us can narrow down the year and break it down to find any note. Thankyou for considering it.