New: Joplin Plugin Graph (knowledge graph visualization)

I have the same issue.

Also I would like to :

  • Open the graph in another window
  • Have advanced filter options
  • Som intel about what the options in the options panel actually do ^^

But anyway, it seems not maintained anymore :'(.

Indeed, I would love to see this plugin improve, since it's great and I love to use it... but it's time consuming to maintain it I believe.
Still, happy to see that I'm not alone


Same here, would love the ability to have the Graph show in a full window instead of a side tab. It would be a fantastic starting place for my Joplin use!


Yes i very strongly second this, for it would be ideal to have : one have it as fullscreen and then switching to side tab once we select a note to edit from graph. And once done editting you can hit fullscreen button on side to make it full screen again.

While I do share your enthusiasm, this plugin was last updated almost ~1.5 years ago. Unless a new maintainer or fork appears, better not hold our breaths.

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