Need a CDN or an official software download access for China Mainland

Since the GFW of China, Mainland users cannot use Google Play and the download URL are slow as well.
So, I’ll be appreciated to building up a CDN for Joplin software download for China Mainland users.
Thank you.

How is it normally done in China? Is there a hosting platform that works well in China? If it’s not too complicated or if someone in China can help I could add an additional link for Chinese users.

In China, there are several APP Markets, just as wandoujia. Actually, every smartphone vendor has its own APP Market. so, I think adding a CDN is a better solution

Hi Peter, what CDN in particular is used in China?

I think Alibaba CDN is just OK. Here is the URL:

Cloudflare cdn is recommended, I am sure that it can also be accessed directly in China (faster than github) ( ﹡ˆoˆ﹡ )