Joplin's access to sites

Updated Joplin lately, and checked settings. In the past Joplin accessed only my cloud drive and github (when opening settings or checking for updates). To my surprise, the new version of Joplin (stable 2.4.12) tries to open new sites - no changes in my settings ! There may be good reasons, yet any user unable or unwilling to review public code will necessarily wonder : are these requests to the sites listed below really needed, since Joplin worked before ?
Which information downloaded or uploaded ?

There were a bunch of github mirrors added to allow Chinese users to access the plugins.

Thank you, this may be a partial reply.
But does jsdelivery sound to you like a mirror ?

Here is the list of mirrors (full url) used by Joplin.

mirrorUrls = [

jsdelivery is indeed an odd one, since it appears to be up for sale, perhaps that one isn't so trustworthy.

It shows up as up for sale for you? For me it seems to work fine:

But maybe we could move it down the list if it's less reliable than the others.

The real URL works, the URL posted in the OP is incorrect - and does come up as for sale - (note that cdn is required and jsdelivr has been misspelt).


I was under the impression that the original list came from scanning outgoing/incoming connections (and thought maybe something funky was going on with jsdelivr). But indeed, a typo does make the most sense.

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