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Joplin‘s geographical extension around the world?

Is there any insight on it? Is there a number of joplin downloads from countries or continents available or any other hint on it? I‘m just curious to know for fun.

We only know the number of downloads, not where they come from, so we can't know for sure. But a good part of the users are in general from China, USA and Germany. These are for example the recent GA stats, and it's been relatively consistent over the past few years:


Nice :star_struck:. I realized people from many different places here in the forum and these numbers now match my expectations. Are those downloads for the latest version?

No it's not downloads, just visitors on the main website and I assume it roughly matches who uses the app. Although since the website is blocked in China I can't quite explain the number of Chinese visitors - either they are corporate users who have a proper internet connection, or using a VPN (but then it probably wouldn't be located in China), or something else going on.

Ok, I understand. Nevertheless impressive! Thx again!

For the snap I can see the usage stats per country, there's a decent enough visualisation of it on the store listing page.

Looking at the actual numbers only visible to me, China isn't close to being the most significant user base. It's a good amount of people for sure, but it's a fifth of the US, and on par with numbers with of e.g Brazil and Canada.

Whether this is the difference between viewers and users, or just amplifying the uniqueness of the Linux platform though, who knows.

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Also interesting! Can you specify what kind of usage this represents? You mention linux... Is it related to a specific period of time?

On iOS the numbers are similar - it's China, Germany, USA. On Android, it's USA, Germany, France, with China being absent of course since the Play Store is blocked over there.

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It's unique machines in the last week that have checked for updates. If they check once in an entire 7 day period, they'll be included in this stat. It doesn't mean they've actually used Joplin though. It's important context that the actual check for updates is handled by the OS and happens every 6 hours usually, even if Joplin isn't used. Of course, this is still exclusively the Linux users on the unofficial snap package. Overall number of users atm is about ~15,000

I have two snaps for Joplin, they're both the same version but I''m trying to kill one off so everyone's only on the better named one, but the top 10 per country for both is

Us 1550
De 1250
Fr 666
In 595
Gb 441
Ru 350
Br 330
Ca 300
Pl 295
Es 290
Us 730
De 719
In 354
Fr 310
Gb 226
Ca 152
Ru 147
Es 142
Br 141
It 139

It's interesting then the iOs application features China so heavily & they're definitely users and not just visiting the site. I'd actually assume then that yeah, the Linux market in China is just small and under represented on my own stats. I guess Linux just might not be as desirable in the Chinese market and there could be plenty of Chinese/Windows users.

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I hope that joplin will remain as it is now, at least not to compromise with the government because of the proportion of users, such as censoring users' notes. . . But joplin is not a commercial company after all, it should not be so fast, probably

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Sorry for offtopic, I feel it is good moment for the question: aside from Joplin website and updates, in principle, do you think it could technically be blocked?

I mean I don't see "what" can be blocked there. As it doesn't need a server, the only thing that can be blocked is using WebDAV protocol or the concept of cloud storage. But at that point you might as well ban using internet at all lol

Even in that case you can use it even offline or with self hosted storage.

just my2cents: If I could not use a mobile version, Joplin would be worthless to me. So closing an „App store“ is a „block“ in a way.

And from a different perspective: I am also pretty sure, that note apps are out of scope of repressive states, as long as they do not include communication solutions.

I guess the only thing that could be affected is Joplin Cloud, but since the server is not in China the goverment can't do much other than blocking the service.

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I believe Chinese users get the app some other way, either via something like F-Droid (provided it's not blocked too), or by getting the APK directly from somewhere.

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