Declining download rate for Joplin (Linux)

Am I the only one experiencing a download rate around 14kb/s which is going lower more and more undtil 500b/s, and this with wget-command as well as the Linux-AppImage? This bearishing download rate makes it impossible to me to download Joplin.

I have a download rate about 1.8mb/s on other downloads so this might be a server issue?

My OS is Kubuntu 18.04.3

You can’t be serious. I don’t want to be harsh, but shall we guess which download link you are talking about? Or maybe mind reading. Let me try. Nope, sorry, can’t do it. Must be too much interference.

Also, the official download links are on github. So how are we supposed to fix issues with github download links?

P.S.: Your message reads like this: “My tire seems to be wobbly. Is it possible that there’s a problem with the car?”

Of course I am serious. As far as I can see there is only one wget-command and one AppImage-link on your website.

But this overwhelming kindness might have been the reason why I never get used to register to support forums, thanks Joplin for reminding me of that!

Problem seems to be solved now, btw.

But you didn't mention you were talking about this link, did you? I can use wget on any link. We cannot magically sense the link you are using.
People say they can't install Joplin and after a while it turns out they've been using rpms and other unofficial packages. As you can imagine, we can't fix things that are not under our purview. During all that time they wasted our time, which could have been used to help people who created a proper support request.

Good point. Next time I won't answer such questions anymore and let others waste their time on them.
Don't wonder if you don't get a reply or only a snarky comment. Or maybe you have learned during our wonderful and kind exchange of words that to answer a question, people need some information.

I rest my case.

We use GitHub for the download links, and they are often very slow for me too (not just on the Joplin repo). So it’s an issue unrelated to Joplin

Cheers, that’s an answer which I can work with.