Need 2 clicks to start Joplin

Beginner here running Joplin under Windows 10. I have the Joplin shortcut on the desktop. Double-click it and nothing happens. double-click again and Joplin starts!
This is consistent and has been happening since i installed it about 2 months ago. (Apart from this it works fine!)

This doesn't happen with any other shortcut.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

@sclg welcome to the forum.

Do you have "start minimised" set?

I was wondering if the first double clip opens Joplin but minimised in the tray. Then the second double click causes the app to open on the screen as Joplin is already running.

Have you enabled start minimised under Tools -> Options -> Application?

Yes this is the behaviour when you activate this option.

Yes I know. That is why I suggested to the OP that this may be the cause of the need to double-click twice.

Thanks all - that was the problem!

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