Joplin will not start minimised if quit when maximized

Version: Joplin v1.0.178
OS: Windows 10 x64 (1909)
OS: Linux Mint x64 (19.03)

Version: Joplin v1.0.175
OS: Windows 10 x64 (1909)
OS: Linux not tested

Minor issue.

If the the option in Joplin settings is set to start minimised in the notification tray, but Joplin has been maximized to full screen before Quitting, Joplin ignores the setting and starts maximized.

If Joplin has NOT been maximized prior to quitting it will restore minimised as per the settings.

Tested with 1.0.178 (Win10 & Linux) & 1.0.175 (Win10), same occurs in both.

Any idea if this this an issue with Joplin or with how the OSs handle restarting / remembering previously maximized apps?

Additional Info:

If a Windows Shortcut for Joplin is set to “run: minimised” the application will start minimised regardless of what the window state was prior to quitting.


Version: Joplin v1.0.179
OS: Windows 10 x64 (1909)
OS: Linux Mint x64 (19.03)

May be the same issue as #2207 and #2297 both of which could not be reliably reproduced and so were closed. Neither mentioned quitting from a maximised window state. In my testing the above occurs every time Joplin is closed when maximised.

As this matter has previously been raised on Github a new issue has been raised: