Navigating to different note for use in plugins - command?

I'm trying to write a plugin that will show all incoming links to a Note. The excellent existing search function makes this very easy. My code as adapted from the TOC example:

import joplin from 'api';

function formatLink(note: any) {
	return `<li>
		<a class="incoming-item-link" href="#" data-slug="${}">${note.title}</a>


	onStart: async function () {
		// Create the panel object
		const panel = await joplin.views.panels.create();
		await joplin.views.panels.addScript(panel, './webview.js'); // Add the JS file
		await joplin.views.panels.setHtml(panel, 'Loading...');

		async function updateIncomingLinks() {
			const note = await joplin.workspace.selectedNote();

			if (note) {
				const searchResults = await['search'], { query: `/${}`, type: "note", fields: ["title", "id"] });
				var incomingListHTML = [];

				for (const note of searchResults) {

				await joplin.views.panels.setHtml(panel, `
						<div class="container">
							Incoming links for note id ${}
							with length ${incomingListHTML.length}.
			} else {
				await joplin.views.panels.setHtml(panel, 'Please select a note to view the incoming links.');

		await joplin.workspace.onNoteSelectionChange(() => {

		await joplin.views.panels.onMessage(panel, (message) => {
			if ( === 'scrolltoNote') {
				joplin.commands.execute('scrollToHash', message.hash)


		// Also update the TOC when the plugin starts


And in webview.js

document.addEventListener('click', event => {
    const element =;
    if (element.className === 'incoming-item-link') {
        // Post the message and slug info back to the plugin:
            name: 'scrolltoNote',
            hash: element.dataset.slug,

Looking through the Joplin Commands I can't seem to find the relevant command to trigger. Does that command exist? Can I somehow dispatch the NAV_GO property from within the message handler?

Apologies if this is a very noob React/Electron/Node thing that I missed. Don't usually develop in this language but want to help extend Joplin with useful plugins for myself and too share with the community.


That's a good question and indeed it seems there's currently no way from a plugin to jump to a particular note, which is an oversight. I'll add this for the next release.

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