Seamless updates revisited

Coming from years and years of evernote I absolutely love Joplin, but there is one thing that I find annoying: The update process. Nearly every time I open the app I am presented with a new update to download and install. The process is manual and time consuming. I'm interested in critical updates of course, but there's no way to tell if an update is important or not, without reading through the changes and spending even more time. I see that somebody was talking about developing a seamless updater back in 2021 but it seems to have fizzled out. Are there any plans? An interim solution might be to just have an unobtrusive flag in the interface, (instead of a pop up which requires action), showing an update is available: it could be blue for feature and red for critical/security.

Yes we'd like to implement this eventually. In the meantime you can choose to press the "Skip" button and the app won't ask you again about this update

Hi, I'm trying to implement this feature. I can't visualize the problems that we may bump into, related to CI or conflicts when update, my demo with joplin just went so easily ? Can you point out or give me an example, i'd appreciate it.